Three Day Intensive Tantra Course

Our Three day Tantra Intensive course offers a deep and systematic study of Tantric Yoga in both theory and practice. The course includes a systematic introduction into the philosophy and practice of Tantra, which is accessible for beginners and intermediate students. It also includes yoga classes, meditations, group exercises and sharing in which we can directly experience the spirit and insights of Tantra.

The Tantric path teaches us how to live the present moment with utmost intensity, clarity and awareness. It is truly the path of ecstatic love, boundless inner freedom, elevated growth and total, blissful surrender towards the flow of life. It’s a path that combines physical, emotional, sensual, mental and spiritual awakening in order to bring you closer to yourself and the divine in every way.

This intensive course consists of three full days of techniques, theory and group practices, the aim of which is to provide students with a strong impulse on the tantric path as well as all the knowledge and skills to begin practicing tantric yoga. All of the teachings are included in a 70 page booklet which is received upon completion of the course.

The Three Day Intensive Includes

  • Foundational principles of Tantra
  • The principles and importance of polarity
  • The secret law of resonance and how to apply it
  • The importance of relaxation and awareness
  • Shiva as the divine masculine principle, Shakti as the divine feminine principle
  • Introduction to tantric sensuality and lovemaking
  • Meditation with music designed to evoke distinct and profound states
  • Principles of Hatha Yoga: Practicing Yoga postures (asanas) and the special role of asanas in Tantra
  • The magical art of Transfiguration in relationships
  • Group discussions with questions and answers

The Mahasiddha lineage expresses one of the most esoteric and elevated forms of Tantra. Our unique blend of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Tantra forms the core of this lineage – of Esoteric Integral Yoga. Our spiritual line is based on the uninterrupted flow of Grace (Shaktipata) and offers spiritual support and guidance to aspirants through the manifestation of the extraordinary spiritual powers (Siddhis).

The course is facilitated by highly experienced spiritual teachers who have studied, practiced and taught Tantra and Yoga internationally for decades. They will guide you through a systematic and authentic approach to the tantric path, offering practical applications from this ancient tradition which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major transformations, profound happiness and lasting fulfilment.

Our Yoga Hall is located just a few minutes walk from the Laxman Jhula bridge, on the top floor of Hotel Classic Inn, opposite Honey Hut, in Tapovan, Rishikesh. For more information about our courses feel free to Write, Call or visit the Hall for more information.

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