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The Yoga and Tantra school from the esoteric Mahasiddha tradition of India

The Intensive Immersion Tantra Retreat

The Tantric perspective on our existence is filling our life with wonder, depth, meaning and savor; the Tantric universe is opening in front of us its rich and marvelous tapestry.

You are invited to discover – or re-discover with the eyes of budding wisdom gained through spiritual experience – the fundamentals of Tantra in an intense and fascinating 3 day Intensive Tantra Immersion.

This program, born from the decades-long experience of working with dedicated aspirants seeking to explore in depth the spirit of Tantra, during three full days of learning, practicing and enjoying, in the magical space of India and the Himalayas, will now be offered for the first time in the Romanian countryside, embraced by the forest, in the proximity of Bucharest. 

Online Course/Modules

Introducing Mahasiddha Yoga’s online Tantra and Yoga modules that will transform your life!

In just 4 weeks, our Tantra module will help you achieve greater self-awareness, sexual healing, and increased pleasure. You’ll also learn to connect with your partner on a deeper level, creating a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.

Our 4 month extensive online course covers all the basics of yoga and Tantra, providing you with a solid foundation on which to build your practice. We’ll help you develop your skills and knowledge step-by-step, so that you can eventually become a certified yoga instructor yourself!

Available Courses

3 Day Course

Our Three day Intensive Tantra course offers a powerful impulse onto this Path in an elevated and refined group atmosphere. This course is a powerful impulse on the Tantric Path.

1 Week

This immersive course offers students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the specific Yogic body postures (asanas), which are considered to be essential for progression on this path.

1 Month

This course offers aspirants a profound and systematic impulse on the Tantric path which can lead them from the depth and richness of the heart to the soaring heights of spiritual awakening.

Tantra – An Authentic Spiritual Path

Tantra as a spiritual tradition emerged from the cultures of the Himalayan Mountains well over a thousand years ago. In the time since it’s origins, it has spread throughout many civilisations, societies and peoples, leaving it’s distinct markings from Kashmir to Tibet and far beyond. It’s popularity and relevance today is a testament to the profound and timeless nature of its teachings.

The Tantric tradition was originally carried by an oral tradition,  transmitted from guru to disciple since the time of the Vedas. Only later was it recorded in written form and while scholars have long debated the exact time of that transition, we can conclude that since the writing of the Tantras is post-Panini Sanscrit they were compiled and put into writing in the period ranging from the second or third century B.C. to the third or fourth century A.D.

Trika or Kashmir shaivism as it’s more popularly called is widely considered to be the central pillar of tantric philosophy. Since Kashmir Shaivism is a non-dualistic system of knowledge, it’s philosophers, particularly Abinavagupta,  accept mainly those Tantras (scriptures) in which the theory of complete unity or absolutism is included, that is to be non-dual.

Throughout the broad history of Tantric philosophy, Abhinavagupta is the most prominent name. He is the central philosopher of the Trika or Pratyabhijna school, more commonly known as Kashmir Shaivism. Kashmir Shaivism is itself the most prominent and well known system within the Tantric tradition and Abhinavagupta was responsible for much of its compilation. His most famous work being the Tantraloka (Read more about Him here).



Kashmir Shaivism, non dual Tantric Yoga school with beautiful rich ancient teachings in Asana, Pranayama and very special Laya Yoga Meditation Initiation. The month long first year course is filled with rich wisdom and is elegantly energetically supported in the Rishikesh Valley of the upper Ganges. You have a full introduction to working with Awareness with your Kundalini Shakti energy and are launched on a Beautiful Spiritual path. Dive into the wisdoms which are all there for those who Aspire!!


I absolutely loved the 3 day intensive program and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Tantra as this course provides an in-depth introduction into its theory and practices. In fact, even if you are not sure about Tantra but would like to have a better understanding of your own energy/chakras then definitely take this course! This course was extremely well structured and packed with amazing insights, asanas, and meditations. I definitely came away with many practices to bring home as I start my journey into this path of yoga. Can’t wait to come back for the 1 month course next season!


What a special person Prema is! What he can deliver is far beyond what I expected in three days which is just a taste of what’s to come! Felt like the ultimate coming home celebration. The feelings engendered over the weekend languished from bliss to euphoria to joy and giggles to grand sweeping gusts of energy and zeal. To experience such incredible depths of intensity then contrasted by the moments of delicacy that left our bodies quivering, shining with soft tremulous and fitful light. A truly remarkable and exceptional event.

Tantric wisdom forms a comprehensive basis on which a truly happy and healthy life can be attained, it teaches the practitioner to accept the world in such a way that it becomes a means of self realisation. It offers an integral view of life that synthesises enjoyment (bhoga) and liberation (moksha) as well as worldly involvement and renounciation. It promotes a positive yoga that embraces every aspect of life and transforms it into something both Holy and Good.

In this way it can be understood that the Tantric teaching are essentially timely and timeless. In fact it can be said that the teachings are as valueable today as they have ever been and offer the Seeker an unparallelled structure for the attainment of spiritual wisdom and transformation.

The Tantric Teachings Today

The complexity and richness of the Tantric tradition and its teaching has led to the emergence over the years of a wide variety of misconceptions about the nature of its practices and philosophies. Among the general public today it can even be said that very few truly understand the Tantric Principles and even fewer apply them correctly. This remains true despite the ever growing popularity of Tantra in todays cultural environment.

The value system of the Tantric tradition is so comprehensive and thorough that it encompasses absolutely every aspect of life as we know it. The mainly experiential nature of Tantra as a spiritual path means it needs to be lived in order to be understood and rare are the ones that choose to walk this path today.


With this in mind, Mahasiddha Yoga offers an authentic and truly embodied approach to the study of Tantra. With over 30 years of continuous course structure we offers students the rare opportunity to actually ‘walk’ the path. With Kashmir Shaivism as a central pillar of our teachings, our courses give students the chance to immerse themselves in the ancient and timeless teachings of Tantric Yoga, while still remaining completely integrated in the world and the modern lifestyle.

So if you feel inspired to take your first steps on the Tantric Path, contact us to register for our inspired courses, lectures and workshops.


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