The Intensive Immersion Tantra Retreat


The Intensive Immersion Tantra Retreat

The Tantric perspective on our existence is filling our life with wonder, depth, meaning and savor; the Tantric universe is opening in front of us its rich and marvelous tapestry.

You are invited to discover – or re-discover with the eyes of budding wisdom gained through spiritual experience – the fundamentals of Tantra in an intense and fascinating 3 day Intensive Tantra Immersion.

This program, born from the decades-long experience of working with dedicated aspirants seeking to explore in depth the spirit of Tantra, during three full days of learning, practicing and enjoying, in the magical space of India and the Himalayas, will now be offered for the first time in the Romanian countryside, embraced by the forest, in the proximity of Bucharest


What's in the course

The fundamentals of our merging into the pure Eros and of erotic continence will be examined and revisited from the perspective of deepened experience, with key practical details.

The multifaceted meanings of enjoyment and sensuality will be explored in fresh and powerful ways, integrating the supramental perspective, and offering a practical method using the sense of taste.

The profound experience of orgasm, within the body and the invisible structures of energy will be discussed in depth and there will be practices facilitating profound and elevated forms of orgasm.

Transmutation and sublimation will be looked at in fresh perspectives, there will be methods and techniques to use the senses, in particular the fun but special art of tickling, for (re)discovering and refining our skills of sublimation.

There will be an in depth examination of the occult methods to awaken the endless Kundalini energy, revealing many secret approaches and offering a collection of practical methods and techniques. 

We will understand in detail
  how to integrate the art of breathing and pranayama into our tantric life.

We will explore the mysterious power of love as a catalyst for our deification, the various forms of love, and the unsuspected power of human touch as a messenger of love through various means, including the art of embrace.

We will explore from a practical perspective the occult tradition of Tantra and the mighty tantric egregors, offering effective methods of integration into them

We will delve into the depths of the art of transfiguration, with inspiring and also very profound practical methods, leading to the realization of the endless macrocosmic embrace of Shiva and Shakti.