One Month Certified Tantric Yoga Course

This course offers aspirants a profound and systematic impulse on the Tantric path which can lead from the depth and richness of the heart to the soaring heights of spiritual awakening.

The 1 month in-depth course consists of 4 weekly modules, built from the 1 week Immersion courses offered throughout our seasons in Rishikesh and also incorporates the teachings of the 3 day Intensive Tantra course. Each week builds in a progression towards the development of a complete system of knowledge and practice.

Key teachings include, purification techniques from Kriya Yoga, exploring the energetic bodies, the principles of yama and niyama, understanding chakra science, demystifying polarity, initiation into Laya Yoga meditation as well as examination of the various stages of development in the Yoga system.

The course content is complex and nuanced while still being accessible for beginners. Students will graduate with a Diploma and receive access to the Second Month Course, which is a pre-requisite for the Teacher Training Program.

Each week consists of 5 Teaching Days, 1 day of a special event and 1 rest day. The teaching days include 2 Asana classes per day (morning and afternoon). The morning class being from 8-10am and the afternoon class from 4-7pm. The afternoon class also include a specific teaching on a Yogic or Tantric subject, a practical technique or exercise and a group meditation.


  • Thorough knowledge of the complete chakra system and its applications in practice as well as in daily life.
  • Essential Yogic techniques for purifying and cleansing the physical body.
  • Powerful concentration and visualisation techniques for enhancing the power of the mind.
  • Theory and practices to transmute and sublimate the sexual energy.
  • The fundamentals of sexual continence (bramacharya).
  • Understanding the powers of polarity in love relationships as well as in life.
  • Secret initiation by advanced teacher to unlock the power of Bija Mantra in Laya Yoga.
  • Physical Instruction in 20? Hatha yoga asanas, including the energetic and healing effects.
  • Practical techniques for amplifying and awakening the subtle energetic layers.
  • Transformational knowledge of yogic philosophy and sciences.

The course also offers regular men’s (Vira) and women’s (Shakti) groups throughout the season to further explore techniques, knowledge and esoteric secrets specific to the masculine and feminine nature. These groups are a chance to dive into the mysteries of polarity and reveal the hidden powers that can be awakened through deeper understanding and practices.

Each week also includes an evening of Ecstatic Dance, approached in a Tantric way. In this event we seek to achieve a beautiful polarisation of the energies and create a charged atmosphere. During the Dance, students are guided through a journey of music and movement and encouraged to explore spontaneous and playful ways of connecting with themselves and others.

The Tantric path teaches us how to live the present moment with utmost intensity, clarity and awareness. It is truly the path of ecstatic love, boundless inner freedom, elevated growth and total, blissful surrender towards the flow of life. It’s a path that combines physical, mental, emotional, sensual and spiritual awakening in order to bring you closer to yourself and the divine in every way.

What you will gain

  • A more complex understanding of your ultimate nature
  • Profound awakenings of energy and vitality
  • Regeneration and strengthening of the physical body
  • Create emotional balance and inner harmony
  • Awaken self confidence and willpower
  • Clarity over your patterns and behaviour
  • Develop new healthy and beneficial habits
  • Enhance mental focus and clarity
  • Receive proven methods to awaken your potential
  • Ultimate spiritual perspectives on life
  • Motivation to transform your inner experience permanently

The course is facilitated by highly experienced spiritual teachers who have studied, practiced and taught Tantra and Yoga internationally for decades. They will guide you through a systematic and authentic approach to the tantric path, offering practical applications from this ancient tradition which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major transformations, profound happiness and lasting fulfilment.

For more details and registration contact us on Whatsapp +40 721 359 870