Online Esoteric Tantric Yoga Course

Our new online class structure

We are pleased to announce that our Yoga classes have moved to an online format, creating the possibility for you to continue your practices and lessons with us across the distance, no matter where you are.

We now broadcast our weekly classes and lectures from our Yoga Hall and the program spans a variety of time zones to suits our students abroad. Many of our students are already enrolled and continuing their study, so expect to see some familiar faces. The weekly course includes Asanas, a theoretical teaching on a Tantric or Yogic subject, questions and answers and powerful group meditations together.

By working in this way we can resonate with calm, positive and elevated energies which are needed now more than ever. Staying connected like this we can support each other to remain focussed on the essential work and utilise this time in the most beneficial way possible.

As many of you know, Tantric Yoga is an accelerated spiritual discipline that can quickly redefine our approach towards life. The benefits of practicing it are vast and include the development of awareness over our entire being, finding a deeper meaning within us and in the world around us, healing trauma, becoming more profound through relationships and achieving lasting happiness and fulfilment in life.

The course is facilitated by Prema Ananda and Purushananda, highly experienced spiritual teachers who have studied, practiced and taught Tantra and Yoga internationally for decades (read more about who we are here). They will guide you through an authentic approach to the Tantric path, offering practical applications from this ancient tradition which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major and permanent transformations.

We also hold regular Vira (mens) and Shakti (womens) groups to further develop the techniques and understandings specific to the polarity inside each of us. In this way we can awaken our specific traits of the masculine and feminine nature and unlock the hidden potential that often lies dormant inside our inner universe.

Our online Tantra course has been very successful so far and those who have joined expressed their surprise and delight that even accross the distance, this spiritual path offers an incredible wealth of personal knowledge and experiences that allow us to completely transform our perceptions and view of life. The Course continued online also contributes towards our Tantric Yoga Teacher Training pre-requisites for those who have the aspiration to pass on the wisdom offered by the Mahasiddha Lineage.

We look forward to meeting you in the classes soon to make the most of these interesting times. For more details and registration contact us on whatapp +91 8477 885 704

With Endless Love ~ The Mahasiddha Team.