Online esoteric Tantra Course

We are pleased to announce that our Esoteric Tantric Yoga classes have moved to an online format, creating the possibility for you to continue your practices and lessons with us across the distance, no matter where you are.

We now broadcast our weekly classes and lectures from our Yoga Hall and the program spans a variety of time zones to suits our students abroad. Many of our students are already enrolled and continuing their study, so expect to see some familiar faces. The weekly course includes Asanas, a theoretical teaching on a Tantric or Yogic subject, questions and answers and powerful group meditations together.

For those of you that are starting this extraordinary adventure on the Tantric path right now, in an online format, what opens ahead is a magical window of opportunity towards experiencing fascinating states belonging to the Tantric universe, from refined and rich erotic states that can be felt telepathically from a distance, to stunning  multiorgasmic states that you can learn how to access and enjoy in your own privacy, to extremely rich, diverse and nuanced states of love that open and nourish your soul, or even magnificent peak experiences of your consciousness, truly ecstatic, infinitely expanded and profoundly enlightening. 

You will learn how to do the profound work on your inner being, with adequate and very specific methods of a huge variety and pinpoint precision, creating the conditions to experience unshackling catharsis, deep healing of trauma based on a relaxed euphoric enjoyment, massive regeneration, detox and rejuvenation, expansion beyond the tyranny of the ego, discovering of our consciousness and awareness beyond the ordinary mind and thoughts, a progressive new understanding of life founded more on harmony, heart-wisdom inspired repositioning in our relationships, soul searching – and finding, and a newfound, lighthearted sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

By working in this way we can resonate with calm, positive and elevated energies which are needed now more than ever. Staying connected like this we can support each other to remain focused on the essential work and use this time in the most beneficial way possible.

More About the course

A Disciplined Approach

As many of you know, Tantric Yoga is an accelerated spiritual path that can quickly redefine our approach towards life. Tantra means spontaneity and enjoyment, but as well when needed fierce vibrant self-discipline.  

The course you are welcome to start is systematic, has precise order and structure, is accompanied by course notes in each class, videos, visual essential presentations, support music and audio and in general everything that s needed for a dynamic, entertaining,  experiential and fun learning process. 

What you can achieve

 Here are a few other benefits you can reach:

  • Experience complete fulfilment in your relationships
  • Apply unique initiations in tantric techniques
  • Discover sublime eroticism and tantric orgasms
  • Obtain great confidence and willpower
  • Perfectly manage stress and keep emotional balance
  • Forge your masculinity and gain stamina and strength
  • Blossom your femininity and awaken your inner Goddess

Vira & Shakti Groups

We also hold regular Vira (mens) and Shakti (womens) groups to further develop the techniques and understandings specific to the polarity inside each of us. In this way we can awaken our specific traits of the masculine and feminine nature and unlock the hidden potential that often lies dormant inside our inner universe.


What subjects will be taught?

Here is more of what we are studying in the beginning stages:


 The Fundamental Law of Resonance: Basis of spiritual practice and of life in general

 Chakras and Koshas: Mapping our subtle anatomy and the energetic system of the chakras

 Yama and Niyama: The moral conduct of spiritual life, essential for any personal growth

 The Holographic Universe: The fascinating marriage of quantum science & millenial spirituality

 Unique Revelations about Chakras: Specific psychology and characteristics of consciousness

 Polarity: Understanding the power of the feminine and the masculine and the laws of attraction

 The Tantric Attitude: Openness and curiosity, courage and optimism, saying YES to life

 Attention and Relaxation: Combine lasersharp focus with perfect detachment and relaxation

 The Human Body: The body is not denied but seen as the temple of the universal energies

 The Secrets of Kundalini: Our colossal life energy and greatest potential waiting to be awakened

 Tantric Eroticism: The secret of erotic amorous continence – separating orgasm from ejaculation

 The Multiorgasmic Woman/Man: Stages of orgasm, multiple orgasms, forms of orgasms

 Transmutation & Sublimation: Transforming the sexual energies into spiritual evolution

 Transfiguration: The secret key to see beyond the ordinary and expand through assimilation

 The Control Triangle: The mysterious correlation of energy, breath and mind

 Tapas: Ardent and perseverant spiritual practice leading to extraordinary results

 The Secrets of Love: The importance of the spiritual heart and love on the spiritual path

 Couple Relationships: Active love as a path to everlasting love and happiness in relationships


 Tantric Yoga Practice: Asanas (bodily postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques)

 Kriya Yoga: Purification techniques to cleanse the physical body and the energetic channels

 Meditation: Tantric forms of meditation including the famous meditation practice Laya Yoga

 Creative Visualisation: Techniques to create inner images and empower them through energies

 Senses and the Present Moment: Tantric tools using the senses as gates to the eternal Now

 Erotic Amorous Continence: Perfect control over the sexual muscles and erotic energies

 Methods for Heart-based Living: Integrated life guided by the heart and superior intuitions

 Yantras: Specific geometrical shapes that facilitate the resonance with fundamental energies

 Mantras: Bija mantras that are mentally emitted during special meditation techniques

 Mudras: Specific interior or exterior gestures that enhance specific qualities in our being

 Consecration: Fundamental method of the Karma Yoga system to prevent karmic accumulations

 The Law of Occult Offering: A valuable initiation into the subtle mechanisms of detached giving

Certification & Tantra Teacher Training

Our online Tantra course has been very successful so far and those who have joined expressed their surprise and delight that even accross the distance, this spiritual path offers an incredible wealth of personal knowledge and experiences that allow us to completely transform our perceptions and view of life. The Course continued online has a final Certificate and also contributes towards our Tantric Yoga Teacher Training pre-requisites for those who have the aspiration to pass on the wisdom offered by the Mahasiddha Lineage.


We look forward to meeting you in the classes soon to make the most of these interesting times. For more details and registration contact us on Whatsapp +40 721 359 870


With Endless Love Mahasiddha Yoga

What our students say


Kashmir Shaivism, non dual Tantric Yoga school with beautiful rich ancient teachings in Asana, Pranayama and very special Laya Yoga Meditation Initiation. The month long first year course is filled with rich wisdom and is elegantly energetically supported in the Rishikesh Valley of the upper Ganges. You have a full introduction to working with Awareness with your Kundalini Shakti energy and are launched on a Beautiful Spiritual path. Dive into the wisdoms which are all there for those who Aspire!!


I absolutely loved the 3 day intensive program and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Tantra as this course provides an in-depth introduction into its theory and practices. In fact, even if you are not sure about Tantra but would like to have a better understanding of your own energy/chakras then definitely take this course! This course was extremely well structured and packed with amazing insights, asanas, and meditations. I definitely came away with many practices to bring home as I start my journey into this path of yoga. Can’t wait to come back for the 1 month course next season!


What a special person Prema is! What he can deliver is far beyond what I expected in three days which is just a taste of what’s to come! Felt like the ultimate coming home celebration. The feelings engendered over the weekend languished from bliss to euphoria to joy and giggles to grand sweeping gusts of energy and zeal. To experience such incredible depths of intensity then contrasted by the moments of delicacy that left our bodies quivering, shining with soft tremulous and fitful light. A truly remarkable and exceptional event.