One Week Tantric Yoga Immersion

Tantric Yoga is an accelerated spiritual discipline that can quickly redefine our approach towards life. The benefits of practicing it are vast and include the development of awareness over our entire being, finding a deeper meaning in the world around us, becoming more profound through relationships and achieving lasting happiness and fulfilment.

This immersive course offers students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the specific Yogic body postures (asanas), which are considered to be essential for progression on this path. Also included are initiations into techniques of Pranayama and Meditation, elevating group exercises and Esoteric Rituals done in the Tantric Spirit.

This course compliments perfectly the teachings of the Three Day Tantra Intensive and invites students to start developing a Daily Practice in order to make clear and consistent progress in refining their energies, purifying their structures and expanding greatly their awareness.

This course consists of 5 Teaching Days, 1 day of a special event and 1 rest day. The teaching days include 2 Asana classes per day (morning and afternoon). The morning class being from 8-10am and the afternoon class from 4-7pm. The afternoon class also includes a specific teaching on a Yogic or Tantric subject, a practical technique or exercise and a group meditation.

Each week also includes an evening of Ecstatic Dance, approached in a Tantric way. In this event we seek to achieve a beautiful polarisation of the energies and create a charged atmosphere. During the Dance, students are guided through a journey of music and movement and encouraged to explore spontaneous and playful ways of connecting with themselves and others.

The course also offers regular men’s (Vira) and women’s (Shakti) groups throughout the season to further explore techniques, knowledge and esoteric secrets specific to the masculine and feminine nature. These groups are a chance to dive into the mysteries of polarity and reveal the hidden powers that can be awakened through deeper understanding and practice.

Each weekly course is a complete experience in itself, but also contributes toward the completion of the larger 1 month Tantric Yoga course. For this reason, the material covered each week develops in a progression, allowing student to constantly integrate new teachings, techniques and initiations.

The course is facilitated by highly experienced spiritual teachers who have studied, practiced and taught Tantra and Yoga internationally for decades. They will guide you through an authentic approach to the Tantric path, offering practical applications from this ancient tradition which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major and permanent transformations.

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