In an atmosphere of deep immersion and reconnection with our true nature, the 3 day Tantra Intensive Course is offering an initiation into the true authentic spirit of Tantra.

There is no nudity in the course and the private space of every participant is completely protected. The teachings and practices fit individuals as well as couples.

Here is a short selection of the goals and methods of the course:


The way to improve love life and to transform it into ecstasy


The magical art of lovemaking


Enjoyment and control of the erotic energy


The mystery of polarity: Shiva and Shakti – a stronger man, an amazing woman


Development of an intense, fascinating and spiritual love relationship


Awakening and control of Kundalini energy


The tantric ways for awakening the 7 chakras


Special practical methods for the body and the energy: asanas in tantric hatha yoga, pranayama techniques, meditation


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