In this Intensive Tantra course we learn about the art of LIVING our life in harmony and happiness without ignoring any part of it. It presents Tantra as a genuine, efficient spiritual path, especially now in the era of spiritual decadence.

The tantric path shows us that when we become aware of every moment, our life is transformed into an ecstatic triumph. All we have to do is to be alive, this is the only chance of gradually becoming immortal.

Nobody will reach spiritual freedom through boring and difficult techniques. Spiritual freedom is achieved easily through conscious satisfaction of the senses.

(Tantric wisdom)

Enjoyment in lucidity and sublimely fulfilled happiness is the great teacher that releases the soul from contractions and sorrows leading it to freedom and spiritual accomplishment. A lot of taboos and misunderstandings are surrounding Tantra especially in this age of darkness, Kali Yuga. Yet the sages of ancient times were certain about the fact that precisely when the moral values are decreasing and the spiritual aspiration is replaced with material values, Tantra is the Divine Gift that is coming back to offer the solution.
The Intensive Tantra classes are arranged on a modular basis. They provide the comprehensive knowledge regarding this ancient and yet so modern spiritual system.

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