Nowadays Yoga is more famous than understood. The understanding and the practical application of the principle of resonance in the practice of yoga is the secret key for success. Every attitude (posture, thought or emotion) creates in us through the process of resonance with similar universal energies an amplification of the corresponding aptitude. The conscious control on the process of resonance will therefore offer us a tool to create our own being, granting us both a successful life and spiritual development. Integrating in an unique way the secret law of resonance with yoga techniques we are offering an integral yoga course helping the practitioner to obtain great results in practice even after a few weeks.

The effects of this extremely intelligent training system are the annihilation of all diseases, a strong and flexible body, a state full of vitality, dynamism and self-confidence, all-encompassing love, a peaceful mind with perfect concentration and brilliant intelligence, joy of life, increased creativity and intuition. On the highest level this training system expanses our consciousness towards the realisation of the Divine Self.

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