Consists of 24 days containing some of the basic hatha yoga techniques, an introduction into the meaning, philosophy, moral values and esoterism of yoga, introductory elements of kundalini yoga and finally the full extended initiation into a fundamental form of laya yoga (yoga of fusion or dissolution), a powerful way to meditate.

In addition, there will be presentations, lectures and teachings on various subjects such as:

The law of resonance
The law of karma; karma yoga
Music, music therapy and music meditation
The art of consecration
The art of blessing
Shambhala and planetary wisdom
Anatomy of the subtle structures – chakras, nadis, subtle bodies
Shiva and Shakti
Fundamental principles of meditation
Kashmir Shaivism
The method of sexual continence
Spiral meditations and the Yang Spiral, and many others
There will also be movies on spiritual themes, illustrating these subjects.

You can join at any moment during the module.

Attendance of the 1st module’s courses is required for admission to the 2nd module.

All the teachings will be accompanied by detailed written courses.

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