Our One Month Certified Tantric Yoga course is just the beginning of a lifelong endeavour of self knowledge and learning on this spiritual path. Our course materials continue for over 30 years of continuous study, offering students an unparalleled opportunity for true spiritual development and transformation.

After graduating from the First Month course, students who return to Rishikesh to continue their studies are offered enrolment in the Second Month, which includes an additional Advanced Class each day as well as access to the regular classes scheduled throughout our seasons in Rishikesh.

Advanced students receive new teachings daily which continue to develop the complexity and efficiency of the yogic practices. The second month includes more advanced pranayama techniques and asanas, teachings on Yoga Nidra and a special initiation into the second mantra of the Laya Yoga meditation technique.

Those who participate in the Second month also receive in depth written materials as well as a certificate at the end, gaining access to the Third month of the course. After the Fourth month of study, students qualify for the Teacher Training Course as well as the more advanced levels of spiritual practice

The advanced class is usually made up of students at various levels of the course, so it becomes a diverse group environment that facilitates the transition of yogic wisdom and practices.

Outside of the Autumn and Spring seasons in Rishikesh, we offer students the opportunity to remain connected to their classmates as well as the teachings through Our range of weekly online video classes. The online classes continue to build upon the theory and skills developed during the months in Rishikesh, until students are able to return to India for further study.

If you are considering joining our path of systematic and gradual Yogic development or have any questions regarding the courses offered at Mahasiddha Yoga School, visit our hall or get in touch for more details.


Whatsapp: +91 84778 85704

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