Spring 2014 Rishikesh

July 2015 Australia

 Katie McNamara

Words could never do justice to the experience of being immersed in Prema’s teachings. all I know is that something very big and very beautiful has happened. And something in me has shifted. I am still shimmering. I have immense gratitude for him taking the time to join us in Australia. Indeed it was a blessing. Gratitude to the stunning shivas and shaktis for sharing such beautiful space. Gratitude to the divine forces for bringing Prema and co. into my life.

 Shane Jamison

Waking this morning, I was filled with overpowering gratitude for the most incredible weekend, I feel so blessed.

Prema continues to transform my life with such light, grace & beauty, words aren’t adequate to describe it, nor to thank him. The deepest part of my soul grieves for the connection he makes possible.

Thank you so much to all of you who allowed me to share such a spiritually intimate journey with you, the beauty of our connection brings such joy & tears.

Until we meet again may you be blessed with divine love & light. xx

Kate Moody

It’s been a wonderful profound weekend of such exquisite surrender, tenderness, grace, expansiveness and openings into a whole deeper exploration & experience of tantra, love, sexuality, light, bliss & consciousness with beautiful Prem Ananda’s grace of teachings, meditations and asanas.

I’ve never heard Traditional Tantric teachings be explained and explored with such articulation, simplicity, yet depth and incredible knowledge from the source.

Highly highly recommend Prema Ananda’s teachings and workshops. He creates a very safe, nourishing and sacred space with a lot of integrity, trust, love, compassion, intelligence and grace. It’s been a honour to be in the presence of Prema. Prema Ananda truly is a Divine spiritual teacher.

And so the human journey & the path of tantra continues to deepen & unravel in the most unexpected, Divine & beautiful ways……..

Thank you beautiful Rebecca for organising the event in Melbourne. Loved sharing the journey with each & everyone of you over the weekend ~ thank you beautiful souls!

Alison Petrie

I just finished the weekend in Sydney with Prem Ananda and would highly recommend it to anyone in Melbourne with a deep interest in Tantra.

The openings I received in my body and energy centres through the powerful transmissions of energy were amazing. The space was also held with such safety, integrity and unconditional love and the energy so clear that it was easy to surrender to the experiences of the meditations and Asanas. His extensive first hand knowledge of the traditional tantric teachings and willingness to share helped me to make sense of many of the experiences I have had along my tantric journey and to open the way for more in depth exploration.

If I could I would travel down to Melbourne to do it all again xxx

Libby Kinsela

Powerful transmissions in a space of unconditional love. Bliss.

Rebecca Stewart

We are on day two.. And it is even more powerful, beautiful PROFOUND than I remembered from last time And we are only 3.5hrs in!!

Libby Kinsela

Last weekend in the Sydney workshop I was blessed with grace that I can barely describe with words. I am still feeling the strong energetic effects and aim to use the boost I was given to build a stronger foundation for my practice and path. Prema has a curious mix of approachable mastery. He is the powerfully real deal and yet retains his grounded authenticity. The theory part of the course was delivered with warmth and humor and the experiential meditations and asanas were mind and heart blowing in their power. If you wish to truly FEEL tantra then please gift yourself with this experience. Another very essential part of the weekend for me was how Prema held the space for us. Never before have I felt such pure unconditional love and integrity from a teacher. I felt so safe, so strongly held and so loved without any attachments. Pure Bliss!

Julius Garofali

I wish to thank you all who attended the Sydney workshop this past weekend and for making it such a wonderful and inspiring experience. Once again it was very uplifting and a gentle reminder for continued support towards unconditional love.


What an incredible weekend. Those who came were touched by the magnificence and grandeur of being. Our capacity of humanity to know the infinite was in evidence. The final meditations were so extraordinary i think we are all having a little trouble with mundane reality today. A small cost for such an inspiring and glorious gift. Providence shone in a way that is unmistakable.

Prema works in a mysterious way and i cannot suggest i know how, only the evidence of shift in consciousness is present and the lasting benefit of knowing what was forgotten.

Light to you new friends.

If you heard the call but did not attend then mark this man in your diary for his next appearance when the stars align. You will wake.

Madelaine Michi

feeling deep gratitude for you organising Prema Ananda’s visit to Australia. Yes – Prema is extra-ordinary, powerful and generous. Such a deep weekend workshop. Still reverberating with all his wisdoms and rich authentic teachings. He has opened a path of great resonance and am feeling showered by the grace of it. Blessings and love to you and please pass to Prema too

Georgie Clark

What a special person Prema is! What he can deliver is far beyond what I expected in three days which is just a taste of what’s to come! Felt like the ultimate coming home celebration. The feelings engendered over the weekend languished from bliss to euphoria to joy and giggles to grand sweeping gusts of energy and zeal. To experience such incredible depths of intensity then contrasted by the moments of delicacy that left our bodies quivering, shining with soft tremulous and fitful light. A truly remarkable and exceptional event. Xxx

Kate Moody

….such radiance of Shakti, love, grace & light….. and laughter that is flowing out of us!! I think we’re all intoxicated with Divine Shakti!! I still really have no words for this extraordinary experience. A significant shift is internally unravelling within myself at present~ my clients & students are having profound experiences in sessions & classes as this week unfolds….and I’m gradually & very gently returning back to my workflow & life with a new awareness & perception. Life, love, intimacy & relationships as I once knew it, will never be quite the same again….and that’s a beautiful thing!! So much love & gratitude to each of you. Blessed & blissed!!

Naor Razvag

So I’m not sure where to start in talking about my experience. It was a time of healing for me and I felt so connected to each one of you amazing beautiful people. This past week I feel like a new person. I’m clearer and more conscious, even close friends have commented that my energies have changed. I’ve been better at work, and happier in general and more at peace. This is just the start of my journey. Bless all of you, peace and love x


Yes, our energies have all been changed by this meeting. It certainly was a rare and unusual thing. When i read the words that we all write I’m often struck how difficult it is to describe. our descriptions could be this workshop or that about connection and opening. But this offering, this oportunity, is so much more than anything available that i know of, or that anyone who has worked with Prema knows of. It is clearly impossible to capture the process. Essentially from a standing start, wherever a person is in their life, even if their life is already immersed in spirituality the start is on a personal sensation level standing to propelled. An explosion of potential occurs, and then the related upsets confusions and contractions are breathtaking, immobilizing. We are experiencing the stark contrast of realities colliding. With continued practice the peacefulness sticks and the propulsion is enormously motivating. I hope each of us continues to work towards harmony. Even in the confusions it must be seen that nothing else is worthwhile.

Luka Anderson

This is a late message to express the deep gratitude & joy I felt for the divine communing last weekend. It is the third time I have attended this particular workshop all of which have been extremely dynamic and empowering however having the workshop in Australia seemed to have a more personal and home coming quality. I thank Prema for harmonizing so many extraordinary and meaningful aspects of life and for the warmth and generosity that grew amongst us all in this sharing. Infinite Love Luke x



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