I absolutely loved the 3 day intensive program and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Tantra as this course provides an in-depth introduction into its theory and practices. In fact, even if you are not sure about Tantra but would like to have a better understanding of your own energy/chakras then definitely take this course! The 3 day program covers a lot of material and the teacher Purusha is vastly knowledgeable which makes everything very easy to understand. Unlike other courses I’ve taken, this course was extremely well structured and packed with amazing insights, asanas, and meditations. I definitely came away with many practices to bring home as I start my journey into this path of yoga. Oh, and lastly, this course brings together the MOST amazing people and energies into one place which made the three days extra special and heart opening. Can’t wait to come back for the 1 month course next season!