Join us for our Three day Tantra Intensive workshop, that offers a deep and systematic study of Tantra Yoga in both theory and practice. This course teaches us how to walking the path of Tantra and Yoga from the depth and richness of our heart to the soaring heights of spiritual awakening.

The workshop includes a systematic introduction into the philosophy and practice of Tantra, which is accessible for beginners and intermediate students. The course also involves yoga classes, meditation, lectures, group exercises and individual sharing in which we can directly experience the spirit and insights of Tantra.

Tantra Yoga is the path of revealing the sacred in the profane. At Mahasiddha Yoga we teach the true art of embracing our body, mind, emotions and relationships as a path towards fulfilment and spiritual growth.

The Tantric path teaches us how to live the present moment with utmost intensity, clarity and awareness. It is truly the path of ecstatic love, boundless inner freedom, elevated growth and total, blissful surrender towards the flow of life. It’s a path that combines physical, emotional, sensual and spiritual awakening in order to bring you closer to yourself and the divine in every way.

Through the practice of Tantra Yoga in this intensive workshop, we gain a greater awareness of who we truly are and what we can become.
The techniques and theory given within the course are very detailed, highly effective and will give you the perfect ’tools’ to continue practicing Tantra.

The Three Day Workshop Includes

– What is Tantra? Foundational principles of Tantra
– The secret law of resonance and how to apply it
– The importance of relaxation and awareness practice in Tantra
– The principle of polarity – the yin-yang of the universe
Shiva as the divine masculine principle, Shakti as the divine feminine principle
– Introduction to tantric sensuality and lovemaking
– Meditation with music designed to evoke distinct and profound states
– Principles of Hatha Yoga:
Practicing Yoga postures (Asanas) correctly and the special role of Asanas in Tantra
-The magical art of Transfiguration in relationships
– Sessions of questions and answers with discussion time for the group

The course is mostly based on the ancient kashmirian and shivaist teachings which have been adapted to suit our modern lifestyle. The teaching are supported by modern scientific knowledge. While the methods and philosophy are explained in a practical and down to earth manner.

Learn from our friendly, open and very experienced teachers who have studied Tantra Yoga internationally for more than a decade. They will guide you through authentic tantric theory, training and practical applications from the ancient traditions which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major transformations, profound happiness and true fulfillment.


The Mahasiddha lineage expresses one of the most esoteric and elevated forms of Tantra. Our courses offer students a profound and systematic introduction into a unique blend of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Tantra which forms the core of this lineage – of Esoteric Integral Yoga.

The course focusses on the development and understanding of the specific yoga body postures (asanas) and exercises done in the tantric spirit, facilitating a direct experience of the hidden potentials of the body.

The course includes, many techniques, exercises and teachings on Tantric and Yogic subjects which allow us to progressively move towards a greater understanding of who we truly are and what we can become.

The week course consists of 5 teaching days of two yoga classes per day. The morning class which goes from 8am-10am and the afternoon class from 4pm-7pm. The afternoons also include a specific teaching, a tantric exercise and a group meditation.

The course also offers regular men’s (Vira) and womens (Shakti) groups throughout the season to further explore techniques, knowledge and secrets specific to the masculine and feminine nature. These groups are a chance to dive into the mysteries of polarity and reveal the hidden powers that can be awakened through the profound application of specific techniques and practices.

These groups are always held before the evening of Ecstatic Dance, which occurs every week. In this way we achieve a beautiful and profound polarisation of the Yin and Yang energies and the evening becomes very charged. During the dance, students are guided through a journey of music and movement, and encouraged to explore new, spontaneous and playful ways of connecting with themselves and others.

The course is facilitated by highly experienced teachers who have studied, practiced and taught Tantra and Yoga internationally for decades. They will guide you through a systematic and authentic approach to the tantric path, teaching practical applications from the ancient traditions which you can implement in your daily life to bring about major transformations, profound happiness and true fulfilment

The 7 valleys of meditation

The ascending of the Kundalini as described by Sri Ramakrishna

“I will try to make you understand what happens, but this is so ample and sublime that the words almost cannot allow it to be rendered. Therefore I insist to plunge yourself in the waters of such an experience, because there can be no other modality to search it deeply however penetrating your mind and your spirit might be. They cannot rival with the flashing brilliance of the Absolute Presence. Both make nothing else than rise the dust of the words in which they are lost. If what the eyes of the soul contemplate is impossible to describe, on the other hand the ways which it follows can be undoubtedly defined through words. Even if the goal is one, the modalities to reach it are different.
Since the oldest times the great wise (RISHI-s) have enumerated at least five ways in which the soul can focus or concentrate its energy towards the Absolute when in a state of prayer and meditation. For example, the RISHI-s say that the human soul advances often through clumsy jumps – as the toad. Other times it runs as a snake that glides up a hill slope: in flashes and curves.

Then there is still another way. Each cell of your body and every pulse of your heart beat slowly, and the regularity of the rhythm with which your intuitions catch fire is slow and inexorable as the march of a row of ants from one spot to another. The fourth way is the way of a bird, or of the birds. You know how the birds fly off one tree, and move in the air as though they were wandering aimlessly. Yet they aim at a distant tree, that has been in their mind all the while. Similarly rises and focuses towards the Divine your concentrated soul-energy when thoroughly quickened by persistent devotion. Each atom of your being seems to fly up on the wings of all-pervading Light. It may wander about aimlessly first. But if you keep on meditating and praying, those wings will bring you to the House of Oneness.
The fifth way is quite different from the others. The sages have called it “the way of monkeys” . You can sometimes see monkeys sitting still like a rock. Then suddenly they start leaping and bounding and they do not stop until they have reached their destination – somebody’s mango garden. So acts your spiritual intuition also.
You sit still and meditate day after day, yet nothing happens. But you keep on thinking of SAMADHI with your body, heart, mind and soul. Let not even a particle of you flag, concentrate hard till in the course of two or three years sud¬denly your Spirit leaps from plane to plane, climb¬ing the steepest precipices with the ease of a hawk, then plunges into ADVAlTA – the perfect union with the Infinite Intelligence.
“Besides the different ways by which a soul climbs till the perfect unity, you must also know the planes of consciousness that you must cross. No matter whose meditation – whether of Lord Buddha or of a common man – it must take him across six different valleys – planes of consciousness – in order to reach the seventh, the last. Whether your soul’s intuition hops like a toad or flies like a bird, it must cross the seven valleys. The experience of each one of those valleys is identically the same, no matter how a soul reaches it.

It is good to know that I too, even if you admire me now, was acting in the same way as you, sitting still as my Guru had advised me. Afterwards I purified my thoughts and feelings of all the dross of separation. In my mind, in my heart, in my soul, in every cell of my body I sought His Presence. I knew that I was not separate from Him. He was in me. Hence I quickened every bit of myself to elicit the hidden Self. I was saying:
Come forth, o thou sword of immortality, from this thy scabbard.” Thus I prayed for days, weeks and months.”


 The awakening of KUNDALINI and its gradual ascent from CHAKRA to CHAKRA

At last my spirit hopped, it leaped over the embankment of this world into the waters of the first of the seven valleys. A light utterly unknown, like from another Sun, shone upon what I perceived. All the things of the earth that I looked upon wore the vesture of Beauty.
Everywhere I glanced, beyond and around, beauty and spirituality leaped out of the matter like tigers from dark dens. Now I was aware that this was the home of the senses. The sight of so much wonder filled me with terrible desires. “Possess, possess” they cried. I was seized with an overpowering desire to taste and own all the beauty that lay about me. Just at that moment another cry broke out in me: “Beware, beware of the sinister temptation of this valley!” No sooner heard than done, I set out to quicken meditation. I meditated harder and prayed more intensely for release from the first valley. At the end of some months my prayers were answered. The word of the senses tempted me no more: slowly the first valley fell from my consciousness as the skeleton of its prey falls from the eagle’s talons.

“Thus, I had entered in the second valley. Here I was not obsessed with the c1awing material beauty of what I saw. The light in which the world appeared now was more refined, more subtle and soothing. I felt happy here. Fragments of beautiful colours, shapes and sounds haunted – and sweetened my hours in this valley. I thought of relaxing my meditation and staying here. Then I was even tempted to create life: “thoughts of sex“. For in the sublime light of the second valley, sex wears the appearance of beatitude and power.
But no matter how it appears, the soul must resist its temptation. I set out to free my consciousness from the besetting beauty of sex. I heaped more fuel of devotion on the altar of God-quest. The fire of illumination burnt very low at first. But gradually it became brighter and in a few more days, lo, it burnt like daggers of light. And in those biting flames the second valley burnt into cinders. Neither it nor its temptations fretted me further.

“Thus I reached the third stage. In this valley I found that the sense of power that I had experienced before, in the second, had increased a hundredfold. Now I felt that I could take the Sun between the palms of my hands and crush it into a handful of burning dust.
This sense of power must be resisted, for it is nothing but a test of one’s character. There is no temptation viler than the sense of power. The instant I had perceived the danger that beset me, I quickened my meditation to the utmost. It had to be more powerful than the power that I had to resist. I prayed – oh, how I prayed – to be freed of my lust for power. Like the fangs of a viper it held me. But my soul would not yield to it. I rose on the wings of medi¬tation higher and higher till a height where it had no more meaning for me. At that moment the snake opened its mouth and fell from my side.

“Now like an elephant hurtling through a fence I plunged on the valley of HRIDAYA JYOTI – the light of God’s Heart. As if my heart had become a torch lit by the flame from His, light gushed out from my soul over everything. Pebbles and stars all sang with equal radiance a song of the Ineffable. In the forth valley I felt well nigh secure from every temptation. Yet I kept a strict watch on myself.
Though I was a chalice of light, yet I felt suspicious of temptation. That feeling served as a warning to me. I decided not to tarry here. Thus followed another long period of fasting, prayer and meditation.

“Fortunately this time I did not have to wait so very long. The light in heart expanded. It flung a vast circle-net of Suns around and beyond. Extremely surprised I realized that I had reached the next valley, the realm of utterance. My thoughts and feelings, every pulse and each cell of me was enlightened! Through my throat and lips poured words of wonder and benediction. I praised the Lord all the time. Save of Him I could not bear to speak. And if anyone spoke of possessions and pleasures, their words smote me like rods. It got to be so that if any of my relatives came to consult me on family matters I used to run away and hide myself in the woods of PANCHAVATI.

Relations and friends who sought to own me appeared to me as a deep well dragging me down – I feared to be suffocated in the water way below in the dark earth. I felt as though drowning in their presence. Only by leaving them could I find peace. In one word: this valley is not full of tolerance and love for all. One must transcend it. That is why I flung myself into deeper and steeper meditations yet. There was no peace nor pleasure for me. “Either I find Him face to face, or take my life”, I said to myself. As a tiger crouches in order to leap, so did I. I prayed, I waited, I watched. I would not linger in the valley of utterance; I must not give in to merely praising God. I must see Him. So I sat couchant with prayers.

“Suddenly I perceived something ahead. That instant I leaped – in a trice I was in the sixth – the valley of TURYA. Here I was dose to my Beloved. I could see and feel Him in the next chamber. Only a thin transparent veil separated the soul from the Self. At last I knew that I was in a room in the House of Oneness.

“From the sixth valley it is not difficult to pass in the seventh. Here all was reduced at ideas floating as shadows in the obscure silence of the spirit. Only the much weakened concept of my ego was asserting itself with interruptions of a dull monotony. My soul became pure reality. Any dualism between the subject and the object disappeared. My Self knew no more limits. Whatever existed was only infinite joy. I was beyond the language, beyond the expressible experience, beyond thinking … and to call this state “liberty” means to diminish very much it sense. There no word can enter, nor the chatter of human thought. Only your soul clad in silence can lift the veil that separates Him from your embrace.

© 2019 Mahasiddhayoga

About Love

Love is one of the fundamental realities of God. By discovering love, we discover the existence of God. Love is Its essential “substance”. The infinite energy of love comes from God and creates everything that is good, divine, harmonious, true, ecstatic. All the wonderful manifestations contain in themselves the mysterious and deeply unifying energy of love. When love is in all of us, then we are all in God. The ineffable energy of love is the endless and all-powerful source of harmonious life that manifests as happiness, joy, compassion, goodness and ecstasy. Everything that is good, beautiful and true exists through the mysterious energy of love. And nothing that is truly sublime can exist and maintain itself without the energy of love.
Everything that is uplifting, God-like and enchanting contains this mysterious energy of love. The energy of love is endless and eternal and both the source and the ultimate purpose of all beings that aspire for God. The human being that is often nourished on love, evolves much faster toward perfection, enlightenment and union with God.
The human being that gives up love (due to egoism and stupidity) separates itself from one of the essential energies of God and thus takes the road toward dispersion and self-destruction since then it loses its coherence and cohesion.
Love and Freedom are inseparable, since without Freedom we cannot talk about love, but about constraint.
Love is an essential criterion and at the same time the quickest method of harmonious development of the human being. If there is great love, the Total Reality of God is reflected in the Microcosm of our being.
Whoever doesn’t love at all must not be surprised that he will not be loved at all.
Whoever loves little, little will he be loved.
Whoever loves a lot, a lot will he be loved.
Whoever loves endlessly, without end will he be loved.

If you yearn to be loved much, you must remember that for this you must love much in the first place.
Sooner or later you will be offered the love that you deserve, measured on the same scale as the love that you have given. Even if somebody overwhelms you with a great love, you will not be able to receive it unless you truly deserve it. When you are truly prepared to receive endless love that is deep, overwhelming and sublime, then a person will come into your life who is able to offer this deep, overwhelming and sublime love.
If you love an ideal archetype with intensity, deeply and overwhelmingly. And if you have no lover for the time being that can return this love. In a wonderful way you are actually preparing yourself (consciously or not) for the moment when you will encounter a person that will give you the love for which you did everything to deserve.
Let’s not forget that love without a solid foundation of truth is like a chaotic water flow in a river without banks.
Great love and a perfect transfiguration makes our lover ever more beautiful.
When you love enough, you discover first of all what is beautiful and wonderful in the person you love. In front of the one who loves with passion beauty unveils itself and grows through continuous transfiguration. Each human being falls in love with a person that complements and fulfill him / her. The human being that we love passionately is our beauty for us. For anyone who lacks spiritual intuition, a beautiful face and a beautiful body can hide an evil soul.
Transfiguration shows us that beauty is the child of love.
A heart that is constantly in love with everything that is beautiful, true and good, will never grow old. Beauty alone without grace, lacks attractiveness. Beauty combined with grace gives charm and makes the person almost irresistible. Beauty without goodness and intelligence is like flat beer that was opened the night before. Beautiful women are seldom wise.
Beauty lasts until ugliness starts to set in, but wisdom (once attained) lasts forever. A person that is only beautiful is good to look at, but with a person that has wisdom is easy to live, since this person can help you to awaken from ignorance and become wise and happy.
Youth has a beautiful face and body, but wisdom makes the mind and soul beautiful. A charming woman with a beautiful body is a mute recommendation of Mother Nature.

Beautiful persons must be very lucid and attentive since arrogance is easily awaken when you are beautiful, and then vanity replaces beauty.
Give up wickedness, egoism, envy, jealousy, vanity, impatience, hate, lack of tolerance, stupidity. Don’t forget that when love becomes infinite, the impossible becomes easily feasible. Don’t forget that, as the Romanian sculptor Brancusi said, “When we stop being like a child, we are already dead”. This is why you should awaken and amplify the child within. In this way you will become and stay forever young. Being all the time like a child and staying young is a wonderful gift that every one of us can receive.
Samuel Ullman wrote in “Youth”: “Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind” (in the Yogic language, a resonance with the beneficial subtle energies of youth). He also wrote:
“Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over a life of ease.”
“You do not become old just because you lived a certain number of years. You become old because you turned away from your love and your high ideal. Years wrinkle your skin. Giving up your high ideal wrinkles your soul.
Petty preoccupations, doubt, suspicion, fear and desperation are our insidious enemies that slowly make us round-shouldered and transform us into dust even before we die.
Young is that person who loves always and being very curious is continuously amazed and discovers many mysteries where other people don’t see anything out of the ordinary. This person always asks questions, such as ‘Why?’, ‘What happens next?’, etc. Such a person determines the events of his life through his creative thinking and always finds new happiness in the divine play of life.

You are as young as your love and faith.
You are as old as your isolation and doubt.
You are as young as the greatness of your self-confidence and hopes.
You are as old as your discouragement.
You will always stay young as long as you will be full of love and goodwill and open towards everything that is beautiful, good, true, great and divine. Receptive to the voice of love, to the people around you, to the infinite and to God.
If, in spite of all, your heart will be bitten by pessimism one day and tormented by cynicism because you did not heed this advice, may the good Lord have mercy upon your old and rigid heart!”

In the New Testament, St. Paul says the following about love (Corinthians 13): “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and I have not love, I am as sounding as brass or a tingling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge – and though I have all faith so that I could move mountains, and I have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have no love, it profiteth me nothing. Love suffereth long and is kind. Love envieth not. Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up. Love doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own fulfillment, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in truth. Love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall end. Whether there be tongues, they shall cease. Whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect cometh, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But when I became a man, I put away children things. For now we see through a glass, darkly – but then face to face. Now I know in part – but then I shall know even as also I am known. And now there are these three left: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of them is Love.”

JULY 2019

In July we escape the heat of the monsoon… We take refuge into the Himalayas, in the mystical land of Kashmir, together with Prema Ananda, in an intensive retreat,   to meditate and connect with the origins of Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Shaiva.

Please contact us well in advance, as availability is limited.

July 2019




Next July, Prema Ananda will be holding an Introduction Workshop and a 3-Day Tantra Intensive.

The events will be held at The Abbotsford Convent in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

The Introduction Workshop prior to the 3-day intensive workshop will be held on  the 21st of June at 7pm. Followed by the 3-day intensive workshop on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.


Australian contacts:

Shane Jamison
Email: shanemjamison@gmail.com
Phone: 0417 193 459

Ella Shenman
Email: ellashenman@gmail.com
Phone: 0421 808 622

Prema Ananda:
Email: mahasiddhayoga@gmail.com

Teacher courses – details and updates

Our vision is that Yoga and Tantra are an extraordinary tradition, a noble art, science, discipline of the body, mind and soul. Far from being just a theory, Yoga and Tantra are primarily a practice and a path of self development. Therefore, they need to be practiced before being taught to others.

Faithful to the spirit of the Mahasiddha lineage and totally opposed to the “vulgarized” approaches of Yoga which are mere gymnastics, wphoto 2e acknowledge that the teacher formation and the act of teaching on this path is a very complex process, that involves a thorough level of practice as a starting point. This is followed by a special personal development in the sense of teaching, that includes purity of purpose, altruism, learning how to teach and guide others in their practice, learning how to become a channel for the massive transmission of energy specific to Mahasiddha Yoga, understanding the meaning of the lineage and much much more.

We dare to say -humbly- that this formation is much more complex than an educational process in science or medicine or art or business. It is ridiculous to claim that a doctor or an architect or an engineer can be formed in a course of 4 or 6 weeks, when everybody knows it’s needed5 or 6 years for this – at least. The same principle applies in the true formation as a Yoga and Tantra teacher in our lineage.

The first stage – or stage 0 –  of completing out teacher courses is to complete the first 5 levels of our Yoga or Tantra courses. Refer to the Courses section for details. This means 5 months of teaching six days per week. There are a total of 144 classes included in this program. There are also intermediate exams that need to be passed in order to qualify for the teacher training. Our vision is that this should be accomplished along 2-3 years for an optimal assimilation of the practice. However this can be less for the very dedicated. This stage itself involves 500+ hours of formation.

The training for teaching per se is comprising two stages, Stage 1  and Stage 2 each taking 1 month of learning, training and practice. These stages take place usually in February. These stages together include another 500+ hours of training.

There are much more details about this subject. If you are considering it, contact us and all the relevant matters will be discussed in detail.


Spring 2014 Rishikesh

July 2015 Australia

 Katie McNamara

Words could never do justice to the experience of being immersed in Prema’s teachings. all I know is that something very big and very beautiful has happened. And something in me has shifted. I am still shimmering. I have immense gratitude for him taking the time to join us in Australia. Indeed it was a blessing. Gratitude to the stunning shivas and shaktis for sharing such beautiful space. Gratitude to the divine forces for bringing Prema and co. into my life.

 Shane Jamison

Waking this morning, I was filled with overpowering gratitude for the most incredible weekend, I feel so blessed.

Prema continues to transform my life with such light, grace & beauty, words aren’t adequate to describe it, nor to thank him. The deepest part of my soul grieves for the connection he makes possible.

Thank you so much to all of you who allowed me to share such a spiritually intimate journey with you, the beauty of our connection brings such joy & tears.

Until we meet again may you be blessed with divine love & light. xx

Kate Moody

It’s been a wonderful profound weekend of such exquisite surrender, tenderness, grace, expansiveness and openings into a whole deeper exploration & experience of tantra, love, sexuality, light, bliss & consciousness with beautiful Prem Ananda’s grace of teachings, meditations and asanas.

I’ve never heard Traditional Tantric teachings be explained and explored with such articulation, simplicity, yet depth and incredible knowledge from the source.

Highly highly recommend Prema Ananda’s teachings and workshops. He creates a very safe, nourishing and sacred space with a lot of integrity, trust, love, compassion, intelligence and grace. It’s been a honour to be in the presence of Prema. Prema Ananda truly is a Divine spiritual teacher.

And so the human journey & the path of tantra continues to deepen & unravel in the most unexpected, Divine & beautiful ways……..

Thank you beautiful Rebecca for organising the event in Melbourne. Loved sharing the journey with each & everyone of you over the weekend ~ thank you beautiful souls!

Alison Petrie

I just finished the weekend in Sydney with Prem Ananda and would highly recommend it to anyone in Melbourne with a deep interest in Tantra.

The openings I received in my body and energy centres through the powerful transmissions of energy were amazing. The space was also held with such safety, integrity and unconditional love and the energy so clear that it was easy to surrender to the experiences of the meditations and Asanas. His extensive first hand knowledge of the traditional tantric teachings and willingness to share helped me to make sense of many of the experiences I have had along my tantric journey and to open the way for more in depth exploration.

If I could I would travel down to Melbourne to do it all again xxx

Libby Kinsela

Powerful transmissions in a space of unconditional love. Bliss.

Rebecca Stewart

We are on day two.. And it is even more powerful, beautiful PROFOUND than I remembered from last time And we are only 3.5hrs in!!

Libby Kinsela

Last weekend in the Sydney workshop I was blessed with grace that I can barely describe with words. I am still feeling the strong energetic effects and aim to use the boost I was given to build a stronger foundation for my practice and path. Prema has a curious mix of approachable mastery. He is the powerfully real deal and yet retains his grounded authenticity. The theory part of the course was delivered with warmth and humor and the experiential meditations and asanas were mind and heart blowing in their power. If you wish to truly FEEL tantra then please gift yourself with this experience. Another very essential part of the weekend for me was how Prema held the space for us. Never before have I felt such pure unconditional love and integrity from a teacher. I felt so safe, so strongly held and so loved without any attachments. Pure Bliss!

Julius Garofali

I wish to thank you all who attended the Sydney workshop this past weekend and for making it such a wonderful and inspiring experience. Once again it was very uplifting and a gentle reminder for continued support towards unconditional love.


What an incredible weekend. Those who came were touched by the magnificence and grandeur of being. Our capacity of humanity to know the infinite was in evidence. The final meditations were so extraordinary i think we are all having a little trouble with mundane reality today. A small cost for such an inspiring and glorious gift. Providence shone in a way that is unmistakable.

Prema works in a mysterious way and i cannot suggest i know how, only the evidence of shift in consciousness is present and the lasting benefit of knowing what was forgotten.

Light to you new friends.

If you heard the call but did not attend then mark this man in your diary for his next appearance when the stars align. You will wake.

Madelaine Michi

feeling deep gratitude for you organising Prema Ananda’s visit to Australia. Yes – Prema is extra-ordinary, powerful and generous. Such a deep weekend workshop. Still reverberating with all his wisdoms and rich authentic teachings. He has opened a path of great resonance and am feeling showered by the grace of it. Blessings and love to you and please pass to Prema too

Georgie Clark

What a special person Prema is! What he can deliver is far beyond what I expected in three days which is just a taste of what’s to come! Felt like the ultimate coming home celebration. The feelings engendered over the weekend languished from bliss to euphoria to joy and giggles to grand sweeping gusts of energy and zeal. To experience such incredible depths of intensity then contrasted by the moments of delicacy that left our bodies quivering, shining with soft tremulous and fitful light. A truly remarkable and exceptional event. Xxx

Kate Moody

….such radiance of Shakti, love, grace & light….. and laughter that is flowing out of us!! I think we’re all intoxicated with Divine Shakti!! I still really have no words for this extraordinary experience. A significant shift is internally unravelling within myself at present~ my clients & students are having profound experiences in sessions & classes as this week unfolds….and I’m gradually & very gently returning back to my workflow & life with a new awareness & perception. Life, love, intimacy & relationships as I once knew it, will never be quite the same again….and that’s a beautiful thing!! So much love & gratitude to each of you. Blessed & blissed!!

Naor Razvag

So I’m not sure where to start in talking about my experience. It was a time of healing for me and I felt so connected to each one of you amazing beautiful people. This past week I feel like a new person. I’m clearer and more conscious, even close friends have commented that my energies have changed. I’ve been better at work, and happier in general and more at peace. This is just the start of my journey. Bless all of you, peace and love x


Yes, our energies have all been changed by this meeting. It certainly was a rare and unusual thing. When i read the words that we all write I’m often struck how difficult it is to describe. our descriptions could be this workshop or that about connection and opening. But this offering, this oportunity, is so much more than anything available that i know of, or that anyone who has worked with Prema knows of. It is clearly impossible to capture the process. Essentially from a standing start, wherever a person is in their life, even if their life is already immersed in spirituality the start is on a personal sensation level standing to propelled. An explosion of potential occurs, and then the related upsets confusions and contractions are breathtaking, immobilizing. We are experiencing the stark contrast of realities colliding. With continued practice the peacefulness sticks and the propulsion is enormously motivating. I hope each of us continues to work towards harmony. Even in the confusions it must be seen that nothing else is worthwhile.

Luka Anderson

This is a late message to express the deep gratitude & joy I felt for the divine communing last weekend. It is the third time I have attended this particular workshop all of which have been extremely dynamic and empowering however having the workshop in Australia seemed to have a more personal and home coming quality. I thank Prema for harmonizing so many extraordinary and meaningful aspects of life and for the warmth and generosity that grew amongst us all in this sharing. Infinite Love Luke x