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 Esoteric Tantric Yoga – A Complete Approach

The Mahasiddha lineage expresses one of the most esoteric and elevated forms of Tantra. Our unique blend of  Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Tantra forms the core of this lineage – of Esoteric Integral Yoga.

This is completed with all the other forms of yoga that help the seekers: Raja, Mantra & Yantra Yoga, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and more. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in herbs, diet and nutrition, a whole range of alternative therapies including Ayurveda, esoteric astrology and many other methods and techniques further enhances the effectiveness of this system.

Mahasiddha Yoga takes roots in North and South India, Kashmir and Tibet. Our spiritual line is based on the uninterrupted flow of Grace (Shaktipata) and offers spiritual support and guidance to the aspirants by manifesting the extraordinary magical and spiritual powers (siddhi).

The special example meditations that we offer, during which a huge power is transferred to those that are open to receive it are a living proof of this work, and a glimpse into the latent potential within each aspirant and practitioner. Thus an accelerated path of transformation is accessed and offers students a truly unlimited potential for spiritual growth and awakening.

Our Tantric Yoga School

This complete system of practices has been proved and validated for the modern lifestyle over the last 30 years through direct experience. Currently our school and its branches have more than 30,000 active yogis and yoginis worldwide. The Mahasiddha Yoga School in India started its activity in 2001. With thousands of people participating in our various courses, we enjoy a vibrant international community of students and friends, bonded together by the magical experience of India and developing further through our programs, lectures and online courses. (Read more about those here)

Prema Ananda is a highly experienced and dedicated Yoga and Tantra teacher that has practiced spiritually since the early age of 12. Engaging in the intense practice of the Mahasiddha lineage from 1989, at the age of 19 he confirmed and validated through his own experience and achievements the extraordinary results of this path.

Living the ultimate and fundamental spiritual experiences after serious training in all the major modalities, from powerful tantric practices to long meditation retreats, he is eager to pass his knowledge to everyone who aspires to transform spiritually. Teaching actively in India and other countries for over 30 years, starting in 1991, he specializes in Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and Kashmir Shaivism. Being a medical doctor with a speciality in sexology, trained at Oxford University, he combines the wisdom of both the Eastern and Western approaches to spirituality with effective and proven results.

Our Yoga Hall In Rishikesh

Our spacious Yoga Hall is located just a few minutes walk from the Laxman Jhula bridge, on the top floor of Hotel Classic Inn, opposite Honey Hut, in Tapovan, Rishikesh. Our Hall is an oasis of calm and elevated energies, set above the bustling streets of Laxman Jhula.

Rishikesh being a vibrant and seasonal place for seekers, we offer our courses during the high seasons of March/April and October/November. Feel free to write, call or visit the Yoga Hall for more information about our School and its courses.

Contact Us.

Email: info@mahasiddhayoga.com

Phone: +91 84778 85704 (whatsapp)


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